Hello! Nice to meet you. We are Hello Studio, a design studio established in 2017. We specialise in graphic design, visual identities and interaction design. Our creative method is clear and conceptual with a big love for colour and typography.

Advertising, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Production, Project Management, Visual Identities & Websites.

Graphic Designer
Project Manager

50UM, DayBreak, Faux Retro, FRAAM, Heineken, Hello Frankie, Helpdex, Hempje, Jolanda Marks, Keplar, Kiem media, Lemon scented tea, MBO Utrecht, Mootio, Stichting Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam, Nacht voor de Nacht, Poké Delicious, R&D Dept, RAI Amsterdam, Twofish, Van Staveren, VENZ, XXS and more.

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